Lace Hotel - Brioude


Outdated, outdated lace? Not at all. To see it, you just have to walk through the museum doors that passionate MOF (Meilleur (e) ouvrier (ère) de France)) dedicated to him at Brioude. Appeared only in the XIXth century and widely practiced then by the men, (As evidenced by the photos of the time), lace has a new look. Admittedly it required and always requires patience, meticulousness ... and length of time which are not necessarily the major qualities of the busy man of the 21st century. But it presents itself today outside, if not more attractive, at least different from the tablecloths of its beginnings for example. The Brioude museum presents us with a remarkable collection of these as well as the tools necessary for their making: the spindles in particular, of different shape according to the French regions but still used today.But the lace hotel also offers us the latest contemporary creations. Thus we can admire a bustier of rare elegance, mounted on a high fashion dress or even works in three dimensions in which colour now has the fair share. After this one hour visit, you will be free to initiate yourself in the practice of lace and make yourself a bracelet. (On condition of course that you have registered before).
Hôtel de la Dentelle, 29, rue du 4 Septembre - 43100 BrioudePhone. : 04 71 74 80 02 - [email protected]