Château Lavoûte-Polignac - PR 634 "Le ravin de Corbœuf"

Today's programme includes a stroll to discover the fiefdom of the Dukes of Polignac family at Lavôute-sur-Loire. Natacha also advised us to start our trip with a short walk of about an hour to admire the "Corbeuf ravine" which is called here the little Colorado of Auvergne.Although the path is quite stony, the walk is easy. As we go along we can see through the curtains of trees some portions of the canyon and then at the bend in the path, the ravine as a whole. It is magical! The view is superb and the ideal place for a picnic.We would have stayed but we can't stay too long. We have an appointment with the Dukes of Polignac!Situated on a rock overlooking the Loire, the castle is majestic. As we pass through the door opened to us by a charming elderly gentleman, we discover it in its green, sober and elegant setting.  It is the Duke of Polignac himself who will show us his residence and what a visit! A lesson in genealogy! The Polignacs have owned it for nearly a thousand years and in a thousand years, things have happened!It is inexhaustible on the history of his family, its alliances, its most famous figures such as Cardinal Malchior de Polignac, Duchess Yolande friend of Marie-Antoinette and governess of the royal children ...  In the space of an hour, he takes us back in time, within this aristocracy, through the alliances of which, I confess, poor laymen, we did not remember everything!After the last photo of the Duke in front of his castle, we return to the present time. We stop for a little while at Lavôute-sur-Loire at the foot of the castle. Lavôute is aptly named.The clock is ticking. Back to our guest house. The weather is good. Before dinner, Natacha offers us a small glass of walnut wine to sip in the garden to end this beautiful day.
The Corbœuf ravine, PR 634, label Respirando. (1h10 / 3.2 km / D+: 145m)